Case Study: Melody Image House

Founded by renowned beautician Mrs Karen Tay in 1989, Melody Beauty and Image House has grown its business from strength to strength for more than 25 years now. With its strong emphasis on customer care and in keeping pace with the continuously evolving beauty and image industry, the company has also successfully expanded its scope of services from beauty to hair and manicure/pedicure services in order to provide a more holistic experience for its customers.

Challenges faced

"Did the staff remember to call the customer to make appointment?"

"Has the customers been reminded about their appointment?"

"I am not in the salon now, how do I check next week apointments?"

"How can the staff attendances be better monitored?"

"Is there a more effective way to manage the appointments?"

"Some customers are sensitive to certain products. How do we ensure staff will always remember the remarks?"

"Which customer's package is expiring?"

"How do we see all the past treatments and transactions of a specific customer?"

"How many new customers have there been in the past 3 months? Is that better than last year?"

"What is the total outstanding invoice amount now?"

"What is my revenue for the month? Is that better than the same period last year?"

"Why doesn't the stock tally this month? How could we improve on this area?"

"Is there a simpler, faster and more accurate way to calculate the staff commission?"

"What is my P/L till date? Is it better than previous years?"

I have been in this business for many years, and I had seen many different kind of technologies or systems offered in the market that seems to help with different parts of the business. We needed just one simple system that is able to take care of every part of our operations and business requirements. Besides the system, we also needed to consider factors such as transition for the staff, the level of support and training etc. It is one thing to know that we need to change and adapt, it is quite another thing when we are actually changing and adapting...I am glad that Aquila Logic has gone the extra mile to support our journey. – Karen Tay, Director

Business Transformed: One Simple Business Technology Solution

One simple-to-use system to smartly manage customers' appointments and staff attendances altogether.

Automated appointment reminders to all customers via SMS.

Easy customer record creation and management.

Ensure compliance with Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).

Better customer engagement. Easier to find records and advise customers.

Automated package use tracking and expiry reminder.

"So Simple" service recording by staff.

Simple invoice and payment creation and tracking.

Smart solution. Easy and accurate stock check and monitoring.

Automated computation of staff sales and commission.

View secured real-time business data anytime, anywhere.

Analyse business with charts and reports.

Hassle-free, fully hosted and managed solution.

Users just use. No need to worry about system security or maintenance.

Supports multi-business services such as Beauty, Hair, Manicure/Pedicure etc.

Supports multi-locations and different user roles for access control.

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